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Too little oil leads to dull, flaky, uncomfortable skin

Dry skin is associated with scaling, itching, flaking, and burning, and is generally an inherited skin condition; cold weather and harsh environmental conditions can exacerbate symptoms. SkinCeuticals offers products to help counter moisture loss, improve elasticity, and rejuvenate dull skin.

Does not produce enough oil

Flaky and itchy

Feels tight and uncomfortable

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Dry skin occurs when the sebaceous glands don’t produce enough oil, and although this reduces the chances of acne flare-ups, it has other drawbacks.


In addition to the visible signs of dry skin, this type of skin can experience discomfort. Most people with dry skin report a feeling of tightness and occasional itching. Dry skin also causes visible flaking that can interfere with makeup. Environmental conditions like changes in weather, sun exposure, the aging process, and using the wrong skincare products can make symptoms worse. Dry skincare focuses on moisture, but creams and lotions aren’t always enough. A creamy cleanser is ideal to avoid stripping the skin of any moisture it does have, and exfoliation works to eliminate the layer of dead cells that can prevent hydrating ingredients from penetrating. SkinCeuticals offers targeted dry skin products like serums and masques that deliver even more moisture to dry skin, as well as hydrating topical antioxidants sunscreens that soothe symptoms of dryness while shielding the skin from free radical and UV damage.

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