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Backed With Science

It is a customized topical for treating hyperpigmentation and aging concerns with a series of 8 boosters containing high concentrations of dermatologically-recognized active ingredients

Consulted With Skincare Advisor

Our Skincare Advisor will have an one-on-one consultation with you to evaluate unique skin concerns and select personalized formulation

Formulated Exclusively For Your Needs

Our Skincare Advisor will contact you after three months of trial to re-evaluate skin condition and adjust based on progress, seasonal changes and planned procedures

Proved By Clinical Scientific Studies On Efficacy

Results from clinical studies, participated by 300 candidates, have shown a significant  improvement in all the efficacy parameters

Get To Know More

How long does it take for skin consultation?

Each consultation takes around 3-5 minutes, while the automated serum production process takes around 5 minutes

How long can each serum be used?

Directions on CUSTOM D.O.S.E varies based on formulations.
Please apply based on your Skincare Advisor’s recommendations.

To ensure ingredients are used at peak freshness for optimized results, please use it within 3 months. Our Skincare Advisor will then contact you for skin condition re-evaluation and formulation adjustment

Where can I find CUSTOM D.O.S.E?

It is now exclusively available in our One-stop Medical Aesthetic Skincare Flagship Store at Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay

When should I apply CUSTOM D.O.S.E in my skincare regimen?

Directions on CUSTOM D.O.S.E varies based on formulations. 
Please apply based on your Skincare Advisor’s recommendations

In general, we recommend to use it after the antioxidant serum in the morning.  At night, you may use it after cleansing, followed by other corrective serums and moisturizers.

Always consult with your physician for individual at-home advice >

How much is CUSTOM D.O.S.E?


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